Direct Marketing For You

About Us

You've worked hard to build your business or non-profit orginization.
Now it's time to market your product or services and let the world know what you do!

The Addax Mark-it Company is dedicated to the growth of your business or organization. We create lasting impressions of your company on high-end products using your logo to promote and adveritse your business.

Our direct marketing products are laser engraved creating a high contrast, bold, sharp and detailed promotional piece that is functional, unique and will display your brand wherever they appear.

Your customer, donor, or club member will value the Addax Mark-it product for their personal use, but will also be promoting and advertising your business, nonprofit, or association just by using the item!

Think of it - your company logo on quality stainless steel coffee mugs, cups, tumblers, leather work gloves, and more - all grabbing the attention of potential buyers and donors!

And while custom engraved Addax Mark-it products promote your organization, they also make great gifts for employees, clients, and prospective buyers.

For more information about the Addax Mark-it Company click on the shopping link or send us an email at